1. France: $11 billion
2. Italy: $7.3 billion
3. Spain: $3.1 billion
4. Australia: $2.1 billion
5. Chile: $1.9 billion
6. United States: $1.4 billion
7. New Zealand: $1.2 billion
8. Germany: $1.2 billion
9. Portugal: $920 million
10. United Kingdom: $837 million

Wine production is liable to change as a result of a warming planet. Winemakers are adapting their agricultural techniques by producing wine at higher altitudes, finding spots with less direct sunlight, and experimenting with different types of grapes. As temperatures rise, more regions are also experiencing environmental changes that are conducive to starting vineyards. The sunny climes of France and Italy may face more competition from burgeoning wine industries in unexpected places like England!